Cookie Jam Review: Facebook’s Game of the Year

It looks like Facebook has found its new “Candy Crush Saga”! As the biggest trends were announced back in 2014, content, games and apps were titled as the king. This doesn’t seem to change even after 3 years. There is now a new game which is creating just as hype as a previous puzzle game.

Cookie Jam is a puzzle game which is garnering attention all around the world. Moreover, it has been named as Facebook’s Game of the Year.  According to official, the team of Facebook made this decision based on the online reviews only.  


The Big Break

The team of Facebook further added that this is a standout social game that is integrated with the social network along with its growth and overall quality.  This suggests that Cookie Jam is the most trending game on the social media at this moment.

The game itself is hosted by Chef Panda.  On behalf of the panda, you will have to match the colorful ingredients in groups of three or more ingredients. The more ingredients you match in one turn, the higher you will score. With each level, you will face a tougher challenge. It looks simple but Cookie Jam is a greater challenge than the Crush Saga.

Quick Wins

If you want to speed up your progress,  you will have to buy the power ups given in the game. This is where you will need to spend real life money. Depending on the item, you can even pay up to $100. This game is created by SGN, it’s a company based in Los Angeles. This game was released back in 2014 and was an instant hit among the audience. Cookie Jam is said to the next big thing in mobile gaming and this certainly is proved right. We are excited to see the future updates of this game.