Voice Commands Made Easier Through Alexa Skills Development

Technology keeps getting better and more advanced. In addition to that, they are now more attuned to the user’s needs and requirements so that they can truly make lives better. There is also no more need to type a command because with devices like the new Amazon Echo, you can easily speak out loud and dictate what you require, thanks to Alexa, the brains behind these devices.


Much like a human being, Alexa can be taught new skills, depending on the user’s needs. That’s where Alexa Skill Development comes in. For example, you can configure it to order food, book a car from Uber, and connect with other smart devices around your home. So you do not have to make do with what it already can do because Alexa can learn exactly what you want to teach it.

Through the Alexa Skills Kit, owners have all the tools they need to make this happen. If you are a beginner at coding, there are even code samples that will make it easier for you to design your first skill. What’s more, you can do it much faster than starting from scratch.

Here are some of the skills that you can develop using the Alexa Skills Kit:

  1. Flash Briefing Skills

Do you like receiving your news updates as you drink your morning coffee? If yes, this skill allows you to do this by gathering content feeds that you are interested in and configuring it to your device. This way, you can just wake up and tell Alexa to deliver your Flash Briefing. Without pressing anything, you get to hear the top stories and enjoy sipping your coffee.

  1. Smart Home Skills

You can literally interact with your home by simply dictating commands. For example, you feel a bit chilly and want to turn on the thermostat. Without even getting up from bed, you can do this by instructing Alexa to turn up the heating. To do this, though, you need lights and thermostat devices that are connected to the cloud and can be controlled this way, too.

  1. Custom Skills

You can also design your own skills that allow you to interact with your other cloud-connected devices. For example, you can specify inquiries like the daily weather or control smart home devices. With a few simple steps, you can truly personalize Alexa to respond to your needs.

Imagine having a device that can act as your personal assistant. Now this is possible, all thanks to Alexa.