5 Tips to Improve Your Trade Show Display

After much planning, there comes a long awaited moment for an entrepreneur: displaying products or service in trade show. Investing in trade show displays is a good way to advertise your business and increase your customer base during a trading exhibition. Faced with such an important resource, we separated five tips to assist you in the development of your trade show banners. Learn what is a trade show display? Then follow the following!


  • Evidence – All kinds of banners have a goal, whether to advertise a new product, service or to alert your customers about a promotion in your booth, and with online banners this is no different. Develop the content of the banner by emphasizing what is essential and using the other elements to support this message: plan the positioning, size, color and any other aspect of all the elements that make up your banner.
  • Size – Banner size is crucial when developing a banner. Files that are too large or in the wrong dimensions can hurt the way the ad is served, increasing the dimensions of the images.
  • Where and when to serve – It is an essential aspect to choosing where and how often your trade show banner is displayed. It is considered in order to ensure that the message reaches the users that really matter and at the right intensity.
  • Short calls – Too much text can dispel user attention, it is called hampering banner performance. Investing in short calls or wording that is a good way to induce the user to delve into the subject without saturating the banner with text.
  • Accompaniment – Just developing the banner is not enough, you need to be aware of and track your performance after serving, identify aspects that work or not, and make the changes to maximize your trade show banner performance.