The Importance of Student Ambassador Marketing for a Brand

For a long time, marketing in the business world through student ambassadors was just word-of-mouth marketing. This powerful tool can and should still be used in your business, even though today it has many more features than previously existed. For this, the student ambassador marketing has great importance.

A study called “Importance of Online Product Reviews from a Consumer’s Perspective” found that 85.57% of consumers check the opinions of youth before making a purchase. The same study also says that 83.65% of them give both positive and negative comments.

By using the students as a brand ambassador in your marketing strategy, you harness the power of word of mouth with an influential person. This ensures that your product name reaches your customers faster.

What is a brand ambassador?

Anyone promoting the image of a brand, product or service can be considered a brand ambassador. It acts as the face of a brand or company.

The students as brand ambassador give visualization for this brand, aligned with its values and missions. They may have been hired, recruited or even volunteer.

Therefore, there are paid and unpaid brand ambassadors.

The brand ambassador has an ongoing relationship with the company, sharing its history and identity. Most importantly, an ambassador should interact with the brand’s audience and may even bring insights and ideas.

Unpaid ambassadors come from an organic enthusiasm, meaning people who share the brand vision and admire it, voluntarily recommending their products. Your recommendations can be through videos, reviews or the famous word of mouth.

A paid ambassador is sponsored by a brand, either through monetary payment or free products or services. Paid brand ambassadors can be celebrities or college students.

You need to listen to the students as ambassadors, knowing that they have valuable insights that can even develop creative campaigns to reach your audience.