Study Marketing and Break Into These Rewarding 10 Careers

Every business, company or organisation depends on marketing for prosperity. Therefore, completing a single course or a degree in marketing can land you in various career paths.

Proper marketing strategies should be able to increase a company’s sales. However, marketing career options are not only limited to sales and advertising. Marketing majors can work in various industries depending on their interest and skills.

Unlike some courses, marketing is a broadly valuable field of study, leaving graduates with various career choices. Marketing graduates can consider the following careers:

1. Marketing Manager

A 2015 report revealed marketing manager is the best job that one can land themselves in the United Kingdom. A marketing manager needs to have broad skills regarding marketing.

A graduate who can confidently identify and create marketing plans can thrive in this career option.

2. Social Media Manager

A social media manager oversees the social media accounts of a company. He or she determines what information should be posted on various social media platforms.

The consumers are made aware of the company’s products through social media. The social media manager ensures active responses to the social media followers as well as the influencers.

3. Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst helps to create a marketing plan of a company, depending on the buying trends of the goods and services.

Marketing analyst is an excellent career for a marketing graduate with analytical and research skills.

4. Sales Representative

Companies depend on marketing to increase sales. Marketing majors have been trained on how to represent themselves for successful sales pitches.

Outgoing and competitive marketing majors will easily land themselves a sales representative job.

5. Product Manager

Product managers oversee product development within a company. They ensure that the products have been produced on time and within the budget. Product managers also ensure that a company’s product has maximised profits.

6. Advertising Manager

Advertising managers oversee advertising programs and policies. They use promotions like giveaways, coupons and contests to increase customers’ interest in a company’s product.

Marketing majors with strong communication and planning skills can do well in this career path.

7. Brand Manager

Brand managers are responsible for keeping a brand relevant in the ever-changing market. They work to maintain the reputation of a brand by looking for new market opportunities.

The market research data provided by the marketing analysts of the company helps brand managers to make their strategic marketing plans for the brand.

8. Charity Marketing Specialist

Marketing professionals can have a fulfilling career by working in charity organisations to improve the world.

Marketing majors do not need specific skills to fit for this career option. Any marketing skills will get you into this career, all you need is to raise awareness and funds.

9. Event Planner

Any event requires the help of an event planner to meet the needs of consumers. Through their research and analytical skills, marketing professionals are able to find out what consumers expect in an event.

Graduates who have a history of organising events in school should consider this career.

10. Media Planner

Media planners help a company determine what media should be used to create awareness of its products within consumers. They do this by finding out the consumer’s preference.

Graduates are more likely to start as assistant media planners, where they can gain experience first.

Image via Pixabay CC0 License