Pens of vape cartridges:

A vape is a source to heat the cartridges, which produce vapors on heating. These pens can be either rechargeable or for single use. The dank vape pens are portable because of their cylindrical shape and little size, which can easily fit in your pocket. Some of these pens come with amazing features like having long battery life and many more. You can also order these pens to reach your doorstep from the weed dispensary online. From there you will also have various choices to buy the one which is perfect for all your needs.


Types of vape pens:

There are two main types of cartridges vape pens. You can also find these types on, so the detail is given below:

Draw-activated vape pen: 

Its name says it all that these pens start working when you puff on them. When using this pen, you don’t have to turn it on or off because you won’t find any push button on these pens. You can call these pens the easiest type of pens, but yes, while using these pens, you will have fewer features, options, and functionality than other pens having buttons.

Push-button vape pens:

To use this type of vape pen, you have to turn it on. You have to typically push the button about 5 times, to turn it on or off. Even while using these pens, you will also have to option to adjust the temperature also. Usually, you can adjust the temperature by pressing the same button only 3 times. Some of the other vape pens have a pre-heat mode which you can activate according to your choice.


There are a lot of different vape pens available in the market. You can buy them from a weed dispensary online. You will have a lot of different options from which you can choose your favorite. The pens of dank vapes cartridges are portable and easy to use.