Singing Contest from Canada to the World

Canadian radio and television host Lizy Triffo was born in Chile and raised in Brazil. Entrepreneurship and storytelling were skills that Lizy had expressed interest in at a young age. She always pretended to interview people around her while sticking a fake microphone in their faces.  These clues, however, were not enough of an indication to Lizy when it came to her early career choices.  She studied Dental Hygiene for one year in Brazil and later moved to Regina, Saskatchewan were she earned a job in the telecommunications industry.


In her early 40’s Lizy has cast all her fears aside and followed her childhood dream. For the past three years The LizyT Radio Show has been a platform for singers, songwriters, coaches, business owner, TV celebrities, child actors and many more. The radio show allows Lizy the platform to report on the latest global and international news and feature music requests by listeners around the globe.

She created a following and a kind of community, each captivating interview starts off with a simple catch phrase created by her husband: “Tell me who you are, what you do, contact info, anything new?” This is all Lizy needs to start a great interview and conversation.

Thus far, interviewing many famous people but when it comes to all her interviews, Lizy says, “I like to give 150% of myself, sometimes it feels like I’ve run a marathon. In the end, it’s not about me, it’s about them.”  This philosophy pushes her to do whatever she can to promote her guests. Perhaps it is this dedication and passion that has allowed her to have over 30,000 listeners worldwide and a Top 20 radio show on Blog Talk Radio and now YouTube as well. Lizy also was the recipient of the 2015 Absolutely Fabulous Women Community Helper Excellence Award for her commitment in helping charities and non-profits. 

During the pandemic March 2020 The LizyT Show partner us with a singing karaoke group in Argentina and runned a singing contest after almost 20 application 10 contestant were selected and one Cristian Villagra won, a price of $100.00 was awarded sponsor by the the LizyT show, Academy of Wellness and Flahpoint.

The singing contest was such an amazing success that many followers asked if the LizyT show was going to have another one.

The LizyT Show came across a singing academy in Bolivia and forms came in like hot cakes.

8 participants were selected and 3 participated in the finals when Sael Brenda Candia Valdez won the first place.

The LizyT show is looking to have more singing contests on line as the demands of such things are high due to the pandemic and lockdown around the world.

Bio of the winner of the contest: