Changing Behaviour With Kiosks

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or a store with the mind of getting your work done as soon as possible and leaving, only to find yourself trapped in a swarm of inefficient servers and thronging crowds? Now picture another scenario. Imagine going to your favourite restaurant, stepping inside a kiosk booth and ordering your food just the way you like it without having to exasperate the waiter three times by reminding him that you want your butter chicken ‘moderately zesty’ not bland and spiceless. Confirm your order, make your payment, print out a receipt and voila! Your order is up for delivery in the next 25 minutes.


All this and more is becoming possible with the increase in numbers of self-service, interactive kiosks in retail outlets and public places. People are finding it more easier to relay their needs and preferences to a machine rather than an actual human being.

Kiosk Statistics

Many companies nowadays are implementing more and more customer friendly kiosks in their outlets for better customer experience, and of course, better profits. Recent reports from a leading restaurant chain have observed that a 20% hike in profits due to customers placing orders from their digital app.

It has emerged that self-servicing technologies can have a dramatic impact on profits, mainly because they allow customers to make their choices without fear of being misunderstood or judged by clerks. Changing to self-service has removed a social friction that is present with interaction between sellers and consumers.

A Booming Business Idea

After observing this kind of profit in business worldwide, many companies are dedicated to designing kiosks that provide flexibilty and the freedom to make unrestricted choices to the consumers. Businesses like Olea Kiosk Designers provide a variety of selling points like attractive designs, high-tech features including touch recognition, motion sensors and aesthetic choices like the option to play music or watch a short clip while you wait for your information to be processed.

The world of self-service technology is rapidly advancing. Different designs structured for different needs will be the deciding factor. Large buildings whose requirements include information kiosks, refreshment kiosks etc. will need a different machine from those situated in entertainment based areas. Experimentation with these devices will provide businesses an edge over there competitors, and allow them to prove to their customers that they care about the needs and preferences of their target group.