What are the Qualities of a Great Fire Hose?

Firefighting is one of the most extreme line of work that one can get into. Indeed, firefighters work in very hot temperatures and sometimes have to enter unstable structures being destroyed by flames. There are even situations where their life is in danger. In order to be able to do their job adequately and safely, these men and women need to be able to count on high quality firefighting equipment such as protective gear, fire trucks, hose testers and fire hoses. For today’s article, we chose to talk about one of the most important parts of a firefighter’s arsenal, the fire hose, and what are the qualities of a great one.

A Great Fire Hose is Light

One of the most important qualities of an excellent fire hose is its weight. Indeed, it is crucial for firefighters to be able to move and react as quickly as possible when handling such hoses because a blaze is unpredictable and become out of control fast.

It Must Very Resistant

Obviously, because it will face extreme situations, a fire hose must be very resistant to heat and also to various products such as saltwater, oils and chemicals. Indeed, blaze can happen everywhere from forests to industries housing dangerous chemical products so resistance to a wide variety of products is mandatory for any fire hose worth its name.

A Well Made Fire Hose is Able to Sustain High Internal Water Pressure

In order to spray water as far as possible to extinguish fire, a high level of water pressure is necessary. This requires a high level of water pressure and firefighters cannot afford to lose a fire hose because it burst.

Who Can Provide Fire Departments With Great Fire Hoses?

A hose manufacturer is the best place to shop for fire hoses. Indeed, it is able to supply fire departments with a vast selection of fire hoses of attack, supply and reel types. Customers can also specify their needs to a knowledgeable hose expert and he or she will present to right product for the customer’s needs. In short, buying from a hose manufacturer gives fire departments the best shopping experience possible.

This concludes our article on the qualities of a great fire hose. We hope that it gave you an insight on the specifications that fire departments need out of their fire hoses and made you realize that they are far from your green garden hose!