Dubai is showing rapid progress from last some years, and as more people are accepting this city as their home, the universities in Dubai started offering more variety of courses and scholarships to the people seeking for higher education. In the last two decades, there is a certain increase of 20% in the number of universities and an increase of 30% in the staff per annum. 

The city is offering jobs and opportunity to people of literally every field. Universities in Dubai are offering a variety of studying options for both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Some of these universities are expensive, the ones near to District One villas Dubai and Emaar Beachfront. They are offering courses in finance and accountancy, building administration, media communication, information technology, marketing, and many more.  


The position of Dubai is strategically so perfect, as situated between the Asian and American continents. It is almost five to six hours of plane journey from half the world’s population. There are thousands of flights from the Dubai international airport, taking people to various places in the world. So going to your home for the holidays will be no problem. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with investments from all over the world in the sector of infrastructure, education, healthcare, trade and commerce. Therefore, the opportunity of getting full-time employment after completing your studies is vast.

Dubai is considered to be among the best cities in the world to live in, offering multiple cultural performances, outdoor activities, and other entertainment events for enjoyment. Even though this city is new, it just celebrated its 40th independence yet it is politically stable, has a low crime rate, and a very safe and secure environment for the professional journey and business. Many universities in Dubai are affiliated with the top universities of the world, providing quality of education to the people of Dubai. Degrees completed by the students in Dubai are not just given a good worth in the Middle East, but also internationally. 

Some of the top universities in Dubai which have the international worth and variety of courses are as follows:


The American University was founded in 1995, providing the locals with quality American studies with the experience of an American college. It is a little bit sensitive for the culture in the Middle East but offers extensive courses for both under-graduates and postgraduate programmes. There are other things in the university other than classrooms like a library, computer labs, science labs, cafeteria, and indoor and outdoor sports facility also a swimming pool.


It has an affiliation with one of the best universities in the UK, Heriot-Watt University, and it offers the student a wide variety of courses for the under-graduate and postgraduate program. There is also a one-year degree program for the students who don’t meet the criteria of immediate entry into the usual degree programmes. Other services may include a large library, computer lab, science lab, engineering lab, and other sports activities that are encouraged if participated.


It was inaugurated in 2000, the Manipal University is affiliated with the Manipal University in India, the largest university of the country. There are multiple numbers of options for the student to pursue their career through under-graduate or postgraduate programmes. They also offer studies in biotechnology, including the PhD degree. The other facilities in the university are an auditorium, extensive library, labs for practicals. You are also encouraged to take part in sports activities. 


This university was established in 2007, it has an affiliation with the university emerging in Western Australia. As for affiliation, the curriculum of this university is Australian. There are multiple courses at the undergraduate level like Business, IT, and Media. The postgraduate courses it offers are master in Business administration, Human resource management and a master of Education. 

There are many opportunities for the students to approach after secondary education. If you are in Dubai and looking for a good university, then you should not be worried about it as there are multiple top-rated universities in Dubai. If you are in some luxury area of Dubai like Port De La Mer Dubai and Jumeirah Beach residence then you will probably find some good universities around your area.