GuruDucts Vs Ecomhunt – Which is Better?

Finding the best products at the best rate is the key to achieving big in the dropshipping business. There’re a number of online websites available out there that are dedicated to offering a collection of the best new products every day. GuruDucts and Ecomhunt are the examples of such websites. In this blog post, we’re going to review both GuruDucts and Ecomhunt so you know which is better. 


GuruDucts is getting steam among dropshippers due to a number of reasons. They add around 20 products each day, which is way higher than Ecomhunt that adds only 3-5 products per day. They have a specialized team working day and night to shortlist the best products for dropshippers. Each of the products listed on GuruDucts goes through a strict selection process to ensure all their products are new and have high engagement on social medial sites. 

Unlike many other sites, GuruDucts provides its users with high quality, descriptive product images so they can put them in their store and ad campaigns. When it comes to payment options, GuruDucts accept Fastspring as a payment mode. Once you hit upgrade on GuruDucts, you’ll be redirected to Fastspring website, where you can make payments safely and securely. The website employs a very intuitive, easy to use user interface, meaning anyone can easily navigate through the whole website. 

Currently, GuruDucts is offering a ‘’Guru’’ coupon, which you can redeem for a lifetime free pro membership. 


Although Ecomhunt is quite popular among dropshippers, there’re a number of things that are backing it into a corner. For instance, the number of products they add on a regular basis are anywhere between 3 and 5. Unlike GuruDucts that offers free pro membership through a coupon, Ecomhunt charges around 20$ per month for pro membership.

The Bottom Line

Although both Ecomhunt and GuruDucts serve the main purpose, going with GuruDucts can save you money. GuruDucts offers more products and deals on a daily basis than any other websites available out there.