Gledhill Systemate 2000 Parts & Spares: A Customer Guide

Maintaining your Gledhill Systemate 2000 system is crucial for ensuring its longevity and efficiency. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the essential Gledhill Systemate 2000 parts & spares available for your system and their functions:

Gledhill Systemate 2000

Gledhill Systemate 2000 Plastic F + E Tank XB343

The plastic feed and expansion (F + E) tank plays a vital role in maintaining the correct water levels and pressure in your heating system. It allows for the thermal expansion of water as it heats up and provides a reservoir to top up the system as needed, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

Gledhill Systemate 2000 PCB Stand Off Pegs (Set of 4) XB045

These stand-off pegs are designed to securely mount the printed circuit board (PCB) within the unit. By ensuring proper spacing, they protect the PCB from potential damage due to vibrations or electrical shorts, enhancing the reliability of the system.

Gledhill Systemate 2000 Hot Water Sensor GT153

The hot water sensor monitors the temperature of the water within the system. It provides critical data to the control unit to regulate heating and ensure consistent hot water supply, improving both efficiency and comfort.

Gledhill Systemate 2000 Grundfos 15/50 Pump XB004 (Replacement Pump) XB1016

This Grundfos pump is essential for circulating hot water throughout your heating system. It ensures efficient heat distribution and optimal performance. The replacement pump ensures continued reliability and efficiency in case the original pump fails.

Gledhill Systemate 2000 Digital Clock XB216

The digital clock allows for precise programming of your heating system’s operation times. By setting specific heating schedules, you can enhance energy efficiency and ensure your home is warm and comfortable when needed.

Gledhill Systemate 2000 Electronic Noise Filter XB307

The electronic noise filter is designed to protect the system’s electrical components from electromagnetic interference (EMI). It ensures the smooth operation of electronic parts, preventing malfunctions and extending the lifespan of your unit.

Gledhill Systemate 2000 3025 LC Fuse XB364

This 3025 LC fuse safeguards your system’s electrical circuits by providing protection against overcurrent. It ensures that in the event of a power surge or fault, the fuse will blow, preventing damage to critical components.

Gledhill Systemate 2000 22mm Pump Valves XB121

The 22mm pump valves control the flow of water through the system’s pump. They enable maintenance and repairs to be carried out without draining the entire system, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining efficiency.

By understanding the role of each part, you can better maintain your Gledhill Systemate 2000 system and ensure it operates efficiently. For installation or maintenance, always consult with a qualified technician to ensure safety and proper handling of these components.