What Are The Benefits Of Asset Management In Companies?

Benefits of asset management

Reduction of financial losses

The implementation of controls and dissemination of the new culture prevents theft, diversion, loss of material and differences between the inventory and the balance sheet, reducing losses due to casualties.


Decrease in operating costs

As there is equity control with asset management, the company’s costs tend to fall, since it provides tools for maintenance to increase its efficiency with the control over the useful life cycle of the assets and makes it possible to cut unnecessary expenses. For effective asset management, reach today us at Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage.

Depreciation control by department

Each sector in an organization has its demand for supplies, goods and financial resources. Therefore, when you establish an asset management policy, it is possible to guarantee the allocation of depreciation to the correct cost centers.

Budget optimization

A great advantage of knowing your assets is having the necessary information to expedite the approval of budgets for future investments in assets.

Correct legal conduct

Asset management allows the legal deductions in the company’s income tax to be correct, as well as the appropriate taxation on capital gain on the disposal of assets. In addition, you guarantee the correct information on your Balance Sheet. So your company is up to date with the IRS and avoids assessments on the omission of revenue.

Knowledge about the real value of the company

Knowing and informing the real value of the company is necessary to attract investors, gain market credibility and obtain bank financing. With efficient asset management this becomes possible.

The Hamilton Chukyo Brokerage is specialized in offering solutions for the asset management area in an integrated manner. As each department has a responsibility for the assets, it is necessary to establish management in such a way that there is control from the intention to purchase a good until its possible sale.