Property Management: Hassle Free Life

How to control all the proposals issued in a certain period and still follow the negotiations in progress?

Without a property management service, you will check various roles one by one and still depend on a conversation with the broker and your notes, so you as a manager end up not participating closely in the process of closing a sale without compromising all your routines.

To have this control fast, easy and when you want it is indispensable that you have Guest Ready system for property.


Ads with more agility

Today more than 80% of real estate promotion start on the internet, just imagine being out of this digital scope? Now you are in, how do you advertise in all possible places your real estate?

In addition to the financial issue, to advertise, if you do not have real estate management service, you will also need to devote a lot of time and we know that time is money!

With the right service, you make a single registration and it is integrated for several media.

You increase the exposure of your property in the digital real estate market and with that it exponentially increases your revenue possibilities. Makes sense?

Future Investment Guidelines

The real estate management system will tell you what your next step will be, talking about your revenue.

For example: today you handover your real estate to a right property management company and additionally still keep busy in your daily routine jobs.

How can you analyze where your best revenue is and what brings you the most return? Without this information you may be throwing money away, working with ads where they do not bring you any results, right?

Real estate management service will allow you to understand your audience and know where they are finding your property.