Benefits of Integrating Email Marketing with CRM

There are separate things that are good, but when together they become perfect. This happens in the integration between email marketing automation and CRM. These two mechanisms, when integrated, are able to revolutionize the way of doing marketing and bring to companies higher sales rates and return on investment.

We list some benefits for anyone thinking of doing the integration or who plans to invest in marketing automation soon.

1 – Better preparation of the sales team

Professionals will be able to view lead history from the first few pages they visited to the phone calls they made and the forms they filled out. With this information, it will be possible to create targeted messages and meet the needs of the future client.

2 – More relevant and agile answers

While email Campaigns allows you to send content on time without loss of time, CRM data allows you to send relevant messages with the information the prospect needs. It is even possible for the sales team itself to be notified by email when a lead is ready to buy or to take action on the company’s website.


3 – Lead scoring and lead nurturing opportunities

Lead scoring allows us to classify the potentiality of a prospective client from their behavior on the company website. With this information, and more specifically with this lead rank, it is easier for the sales force to act since the prospect is ready to buy. For those who still have questions, it is possible to implement a lead nurturing campaign to establish regular, informative and relevant communication until you become a prospect.

4 – Using ROI from start to finish

With ROI you can know exactly how much each campaign cost and generated revenue from sales. You can integrate online and offline campaigns, enabling ROI measurement across all types of campaigns. The more possibility of contact with future clients, the more tactics become effective and the investments receive return.