Why is Direct Marketing Important?

Why use direct marketing?

Direct marketing allows you to promote your products and services to targeted groups of customers. It will help build relationships with new customers and retain current customers while  allowing you to:

  • focus resources to where they’ll produce results
  • measure the success by analysing responses
  • target a representative sample of your target audience to see what delivers the best response rates before developing a full campaign

A direct marketing campaign can help you to achieve key objectives, such as:

  • increasing customer retention
  • building customer loyalty
  • re-establishing declining customer relationships
  • generating new business


There are many different methods of direct marketing, including emails, brochures, catalogues, fliers and newsletters to name a few.

The most appropriate method for your business will depend on your target audience, the message you want to get across and the response you want to generate.

What are the Direct Marketing Services?

There are various forms of direct marketing channels to choose from including:

  • B2B direct marketing
  • B2C direct marketing
  • Direct Marketing consultancy
  • Direct marketing research
  • AB testing in marketing
  • Direct response marketing
  • Text marketing
  • Targeted Direct marketing

Email marketing or leafleting are cost effective and affordable, with most direct marketing campaigns being more cost effective for SMEs than mass media advertising campaigns.

There are many forms of direct marketing, and research is necessary to determine the type that is the best suited for your industry. Consider what competitors are doing, and ask customers what they like. Customers in your industry might not use coupons or voucher codes, but they might like receiving email marketing campaigns reminding them of items they left in their shopping basket. Or maybe they prefer hearing about new product lines to browse.

If your marketing messages ask the recipient to take a particular action you can measure the success of campaigns. This enables you to plan future campaigns. Unlike other forms of advertising, detailed information on your products, services and prices can be delivered.

Why is Direct Marketing Effective?

By targeting your audience, you can send specific messages based on demographics and buying behaviour. It can be cost-effective as you are not targeting a huge audience and the initial cost of rolling out these projects will be less than traditional campaigns due to the personalised nature of the campaigns. Conversion rates are higher as people are specifically interested in your product or service.The more targeted your campaigns are, the more successful you can expect them to be.

If you launch a direct marketing campaign to people who have added particular products to their basket on your website but didn’t complete the purchase, they will be more inclined to buy additional products from you, rather than new visitors to your website. Compare this to a generalised marketing campaign where there is no sign from the recipients if they want to buy, and it becomes obvious how effective direct marketing can be.

Direct Marketing is Personalised Communication

A good direct marketing campaign is personalised, not generic. It includes elements of personalisation that allows them to resonate with a targeted audience. So, this could mean that you only share one product range with your recipients, or talk to a certain demographic of a campaign. Therefore, campaign customisation is the main difference between a direct and general marketing campaign.

Personalised direct mail or email can also be addressed to a specific person, including details, such as past orders. Additionally, a phone call engages a customer in conversation which begins building a relationship between them and your business.

Use Outsourced Direct Marketing

When considering a direct marketing campaign, think about whether you can manage it in-house or whether you need to enlist the expertise of an outside specialist.

If you’re creating a direct marketing strategy, your message must be well executed for your campaign to be a success. If you’re unsure of your in-house skills, saving money on a DIY job is likely to be a false economy.

For best results you may want to use the services of an experienced marketing company, such as Romax. They offer a range of services, including:

  • Emails
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Fliers
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Coupons
  • Targeted online display ads
  • Mobile and SMS marketing

An outsourced, dedicated marketing team can be very cost effective at a fraction of the cost of an internal department.

Data-driven services focus on improving return on investments (ROIs) to develop a customised direct marketing strategy. By using an outsource integrated marketing approach, you will deliver your organisation’s key message. Operating a favoured communication channel which ensures continuity in message and brand for utmost impact and better results.

Direct Marketing: An Important Strategy

So, in essence, direct marketing is an important strategy to ensure the growth of your business. It secures your business’s future through new and old customer engagement.