WordPress Maintenance Activities for Smoother Running of Your Blog

website-wordpress-maintenanceTo keep your WordPress blog’s performance excellent and smoother, there are different types of activities you should perform. These activities will contribute to efficiency and look of your blog for sure.

Activities to perform:

One of the important WordPress maintenance activities is getting updates of newest version of WordPress. Dashboard tells you about what’s new and you can get it just by clicking the Update button. Its advantage is you will be having all latest features including security features.

What about backup of your blog? Backing up your blog is possible with the help of different types of plug-ins available there. You can choose from paid or free plugins to backup your website. For your extremely important blog, it will worthy to pay for a comprehensive backup tool.

Deleting spam contents is also worth-doing activity to ensure smoother running of your blog. You must navigate to comments section of dashboard where you can clear all comments which are marked as spam from your blog.

One of the important WordPress maintenance activities is fixing broken links. Broken links actually can damage user experience on your blog that will surely distract them from you. You certainly don’t want your users to distract thus, it is important to fix this problem. A number of free link checker tools available you can choose from to scan your blog. If there will be any broken links, you would be able to fix the issue.

Checking your RSS feed is also important. Make it sure; people subscribed to your blog are getting your emails at right time. You also need to check out all messages you are sending to them are good and worth reading.

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