Drag and Drop WordPress Themes


To help you out on the way of finding best drag and drop WordPress themes, we’ve collected useful information for you. To let you know which WordPress theme will prove best for your WP platform, information is given below.

Ultimatum Theme Builder

It is extremely powerful and feature packed responsive theme builder. It isn’t just a WordPress theme or builder but it is total design suite that provides you with control over your site from every aspect. You won’t need to have any coding skills as you can do everything with this theme. It allows you to easily create your own layout via drag and drop functions.

You can easily create your own layouts without struggling with complex codes. Not only you will be able to create complex layout but it will look professional as well. With the help of its editors, you can set your desired styling.

Elegant Theme Builder

It is another worth considering plugin designed to provide you with incredible tools for structuring the content on your page. It creates a usual drag and drop canvas to allow you to add and resize advanced elements on your page. With the help of this builder, you can quickly create columns, tabs, sliders, buttons, boxes, toggles and much more. You can build your page visually without touching the code of line.

There are three different line styles including X’s, checkmarks and arrows. Its image slider allows CreatejQuery powered image sliders. You can easily upload the images using the integrated WP media uploader. If you want to add media to your page and display it with lightbox popups, you can do it with the help of this theme builder.

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