Review of GSniper

GSniper is an affiliate marketing course created by George Brown (a highly successful Online Marketer) when he was just 17 years of age, and has been used by thousands of people to rake in passive income continually.

The system is based on George’s personal experience 5 years back on how he successfully makes between $8,000 – $10, 000 monthly using ‘Sniper Websites’. These are sites specifically created to rank fast and high on the very first page of Google and thus cash in on free traffic.

The system has been so successful and highly rated that it has gone through several instalments; from GSniper 1, GSniper 2 and now GSniper 3. These updates were necessary so as to take the frequent Google updates and algorithms into cognisance.

In this review of GSniper, we will have a detailed look on what the system is all about and thus find out if it’s something you would need to take your online income to the very next level.


Honest and Complete Review of GSniper System

Having gone through and used the previous instalments of GSniper and having also accessed the latest GSniper 3, I can confidently give you a walkthrough of the whole system and tell you from experience if it will aid you in your online endeavours.

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes!

The moment you get into the members area, you will be welcomed to the Google Sniper course. The courses are made up of four, which are further divided into several modules. We will have a quick look at the newly updated version.

Google Sniper Course

This course introduces you to what the system is all about and also arms you with the videos, manuals and maps you would need to make all the money you can online. Here are the modules:

  • Master manuals and maps
  • The seven video modules
  • Stage two – bullet-proofing
  • Empire module (bonus)

Sniper X Training

This course acquaints you with all you need and the latest information and strategies when it relates to sniping. The following training modules are covered.

  • Overview of Sniper X
  • New ‘X’ training videos
  • Coaching webinar replays

Sniper Cash Machine

This is actually a new feature available in Google Sniper 3. It focuses on teaching newbie Internet Marketers how to start with low budget and start making money as fast as possible; even within the very first week. The bulk of this module is focused on using social campaigns for affiliate commissions.

This course comprises of four modules and details four strategies that can help even newbies to get started on the path to making money online; quickly; and without any experience or asset, using social media platforms like twitter and Facebook as well as video and written content.

While this strategy may not be as long term as the core GSniper strategy, it is really a quick and fast way to getting some affiliate commissions; especially with promoting Google Sniper.

Here are the training modules:

  • Strategy explained and set-up
  • Start the machine
  • Main strategies and advanced
  • Sniper partners club
  • Questions and contact


This course details a group of tools and resources that the program creator uses for his online business and sniper sites as well. Quite frankly, if you are fairly knowledgeable about online marketing, this section will be almost useless to you; though the complete newbie will find it quite useful.

It details such resources like:

  • web hosting
  • affiliate networks
  • tools and resources
  • outsourcing hubs

While including the above in the course is not a bad idea, there is nothing really new here. It might however serve as a quick reference for the newbie marketer; and maybe that’s the reason why it was included to make it a really complete system; even for the newbie.

In addition to all of the above, the members of Google Sniper are welcome to a bi-weekly webinar and a top notched support that is usually found with high ticket course of $997 to $1997. The support and webinars are that good.

Comparing GSniper 3 to other Versions

Now, you might be asking; especially if you bought the previous versions of the course; what’s new in Google Sniper 3 compared to the other two instalments? Good question.

  • It comes with new sets of videos

From the video content, it’s obvious that the creator has been working on feedbacks from GSniper members. The pdfs are still there, but now you have more videos so you can see virtually everything that is being taught.

  • Latest information

Many of the videos have been redone with better presentation; thus making it less boring. What this means is that it’s now easier for you to sit through all the trainings and absorb the content.

  • Bullet Proofing

This is the core update to the GSniper system to counter the continual google updates and algorithms. This update looks at how you can continue with the success of your sniper sites no matter the updates that google puts forward as well as increase revenue from $400 per site to $4000, monthly. It even shows how you can turn a dud site to a profitable one.

This training practical makes your sniper sites immune to any future update from google so you can continue to make money from your sites without fear.

There are other additions to the new sniper, but the above are the three CORE updates from my own perspective.

Who Is This Course For?

The next question now is, having seen the details of the GSniper course, is this training for you? Also, who stands to make the best use of this system?

  • Newbie marketers just starting off online, and looking for ways to make recurring income online fairly passively should probably check out this system. The course in really detailed, and leaves nothing out, covering the A-Z of what you need to make your first $900 online even within the first week while implementing what is taught in Google Sniper 3.

  • Affiliate marketers will also find the course useful; whether you are promoting your own products, CPA offers or other people’s products; you really need to have a peep at Google Sniper 3. There are some really solid information in this course that would aid any affiliate, no matter the level, to really take things to the next level.

There is the list building training, the training on making Amazon websites more search engine friendly, and the training on how to ‘bullet proof’ your sites from any google animal updates.

  • Likewise, webmasters also stand to gain in this course as they are taught how to make their sites or those of their clients more search engine friendly. There are some advanced tips here that even veteran webmasters would find useful.

No matter who you are, or your station in life, if you really want to make some income online and make it fast with a solid system that has stood the test of time, then you might want to check out the Google Sniper system.

Criticisms of the System

No system is totally perfect, and so is the GSniper system. Having considered the potentials and so many good features of the system, you need to know some of the cons.

For one, the system takes some patience. It is not a magic system and that’s one reason why you see some negative feedbacks online.

This system works if you follow it patiently. Simple.

However, if you are not one who has the virtue of patience and want some magic formula, then the system is not for you.

Also, you need to follow the training the way it is taught by George or you stand the risk of getting your site blacklisted by google.

Aside the above, if you are really serious about making money online; if you need a system that truly works and has been highly rated by many, then the Google Sniper system is for you.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely!!

Give it a trial today!

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