How to Make Your Garage Door Quieter

It’s something in our nature that we don’t pay attention to things until we’re deprived of them. The same is true for a garage door. The majority of people take their garage door for granted and don’t take care of it until it stops working. If your garage door is producing loud, weird sound when closing or opening, there may be a number of reasons behind it. However, mostly it’s the opener or springs that are causing the problem.

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In such situation, it’s highly advised that you hire a professional, highly experienced garage door repair company to tackle the problem with greatest professionalism without hurting anything valuable around. Wells Local Garage Doors Repairs McMinnville is the leading garage door repair company with expansive experience serving the people of California. If you live in California and are struggling with your noisy garage door, there’s nothing better than hiring the experts at Wells Local Garage Door Repairs. They always have the best, cost-effective solution to all your needs and offer a full range of services, including garage door repair, door opener repair and spring replacement Tualatin.

If you have a little know-how of how things work in a garage door system, there’s no harm trying and fixing your noisy garage door. The following tips are sure to help you make your garage door quieter:

Lubricate the stiff hardware

In most cases, lubricating the metal parts is what is required of you. The parts you should lubricate include tracks, rollers, hinges and springs. Make sure your lubricant solution is designed to be used on metal, such as 10W-30W motor oil.

Tighten all the nuts and bolts

If the problem still persists even after lubricating all the relevant parts, the next you should do is to tighten all the nuts and bolts.

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