Best SEO Plug in For WordPress


For WordPress platforms, an extensive list of effective plug-ins is there to serve site owners. If you are looking for best SEO plugin for your WordPress site, WordPress SEO is just the right match of your needs. It is one of the most complete plugin available for WordPress websites aimed to help you optimize your page contents effectively. Within your page, whatever the content is, you can optimize effectively with its help like image titles, pages content, Meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps. A lot more between these all is also easier to optimize via this tool.

List of features that make it best SEO plug in for WordPress is very long. When you will start counting its features, you will see there is a lot more for you. I would like to mention some of these which are most prominent and may be your utmost need like robots Meta configuration, canonical, XML sitemap, breadcrumbs, RSS enhancement, API docs and much more. Aside from these, it posts titles and Meta description and edit your robot .txt and .htaccess. It also cleans up uphead section to add to performance of your website.

In My RSS Footer plugin, you can add piece of content to the beginning or the end of the posts in your RSS feed. But, if you will use WordPress SEO plugin, you can add content to both of them having permission to linking back to your blog and specific blog post. Similarly, with the help of its clean up head section, you can keep your WordPress head section as clean as possible. You will enjoy added functionality of your WordPress platforms.

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