SEO for Video Clips to Jump to Apex Search Results

SEO for video clips is a good way to jump to the apex search results. Getting your website ranked in first page of Google is harder than everything. Google’s search and indexing algorithms continue to evolve complexity as well as it is giving more and more of its search results real estate to blended search results. To cope with this challenge, there are some tricks and tips that will help you doing SEO for video clips to bring your site on the top:

Apex Search Results

  • Uploading your video to Youtube is best way for your site to be indexed in search engine of Google. Although, you won’t get guarantee for your page to be displayed in the first page but it will at least if will be found by Google for its existence.
  • To SEO your video, it is important to have effective video content. What you can use in this regard is actual video footage but using screen captures, slide shows, animated PowerPoint slides, and other content will also prove beneficial for you. It is important to make your video content effective because Google can’t see the content inside the video thus it relies on title and other Meta data to determine what your video actually contains.
  • Google actually uses crawlers to discover and index web contents. So, it is best to submit your video to Google using a video sitemap. This map is identical to an XML sitemap and is formatted specifically for videos. You can submit it using Google Webmaster Tool.
  • Most favorable thing for you is when Google will title tag of the page matched with video title.

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