Importance of Click Through Rate for SEO

Importance of Click Through Rate for SEO

Using CTR To Support SEO

Once you have achieved your desired rankings, ideally between positions 1-3, it’s important to ensure your SERPS are optimised for click through rate. By creating enhanced search engines results you are more likely to drive more clicks. Improved click through rate will help to lead to more website visitors and overall conversions.

Improved visitor numbers and duration on site will help to further support your overall domain authority and stabilise or improve your website rankings. Your search engine results can easily be optimised by yourself or by using a digital marketing agency such as

Optimising Your SERP Results

There are a number of ways to optimise your SERPs to improve click through rate such as review schema, FAQ schema or through enhanced meta titles and descriptions. These types of enhancements will only help to improve the attractiveness of your website over that of a competitor. The effectiveness of optimised click through rate enhancements can be monitored through both impression and click rate on Google Search Console.

4 Ways To Improve Your Click Through Rate

There are a number of ways to improve your overall click through rate and we have put together some of the top options. Some of which are:

  • Review Schema – Review schema is one of the easiest ways to enhance CTR. By adding a star rating alongside your search engine results will help to build trust with a customer and make your website more desirable than competitors.
  • FAQ Schema – FAQ schema has become increasingly more common in the SERPs and the inclusion of active questions in your search engine results will help to provide valuable information to potential customers before they even click on you. This information can help a potential customer to choose you over someone else.
  • Enhanced Meta Title – Improving your meta title for click through rate with enhanced keywords will not only support your actual website rankings but it will drive more clicks as well. Including things such as ‘#1’, ‘Best Rated’ or ‘5*’ can improve overall click through rate.
  • Optimised Meta Descriptions – In addition to meta titles, you should also improve your meta description. Your meta description can be enhanced by keywords such as, ‘free delivery’, ‘free quotes’, ‘5* reviews’ and ‘local business’.