Important Tips on Local SEO for Small Business Internal Marketing

Medium and small businesses generally do not have much knowledge about so-called SEO. In some cases they do not even know how Google works, and tend to consider other internet marketing strategies, not always relevant, to be implemented in their own business. In this way, micro entrepreneurs are led to believe that there is no other way to act in the market.

Here are three tips:

1) Google Places

This is probably the main step. Optimize the business listing in Google Places, which is a free tool where companies can list their addresses, phone numbers and website, and visitors can leave their opinions about the venture. Without this registration, a company will hardly appear in the results of the local searches. Thus, Google Places can help any business be found easily.

2) Local language + keyword

Local language is something very important. That’s because some words are more popular in one region than in others. For example, taking into account the more specific the search, the higher the conversion rate, that is, using a keyword like “cellular store” may be less competitive than just “mobile store”.

3) Social media

Social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ allow interaction between users and companies; and Google has increasingly considered the effects of social medial and their relevant content as a source for rankings.

You can do even more, how to consider mobile websites, suitability of URLs to make them optimized and also do not forget: the first impression is visual, if you maintain a website, remember that when creating it.


Beginning on this basis, an internet marketing company at can begin to create a relevant positioning. While considering local searches, small businesses can take advantage of these strategies, noting that this is one of the most effective methods of online promotion.