What Do You Do When You Slip and Fall At Work?

A slip and fall accident can cause injuries ranging from minor to serious. Broken bones are the most common, while more severe falls can cause a head injury. While minor injuries may be painful, severe falls can lead to long-term consequences, such as permanent disability or inability to work. If you slip and fall at work, it is important to know your legal rights. A qualified attorney can advise you on your options and help you get the compensation you deserve. Visit https://dozierlaw.com/attorneys/personal-injury-attorneys-savannah to learn more.


Taking photos of the accident scene and the injuries you suffer is critical. While many injuries are immediately apparent, some take time to show up. Even if you think you’re okay, it’s still important to report the accident. This will ensure that workers’ comp insurers don’t question your reporting. Make sure to describe the fall in detail, including the exact body parts affected, as well as any pain you feel.

Medical attention should be sought as soon as possible after a slip and fall accident. You may suffer from bruising, bleeding, and broken bones. You could also suffer a concussion or soft tissue injury. In such cases, it is essential to seek medical attention, document the injuries and file a claim. Further, the medical records will help your attorney prove that the accident was caused by negligence, even if the employer isn’t at fault.

The first thing to do after a slip and fall accident at work is to seek medical treatment. Even if you don’t feel badly injured, you should go to the doctor to make sure that you’re not in any danger. In some cases, injuries can take days or weeks to show themselves. Delaying medical treatment can lead to an employer’s argument that your injury occurred outside of the workplace. Hence, an early diagnosis is vital to strengthen your claim.

Once you’ve been injured, you should contact your employer immediately and obtain medical treatment. Even if you’re not seriously injured, a medical evaluation may be necessary to determine if you have a workplace injury. If you’re injured, you can file a workers compensation claim with your employer, or you can opt for a personal injury claim in court. A workplace injury attorney can explain your rights and how to proceed in such a case.

Report the accident to your employer or property manager. In many cases, the employer might be skeptical or dismiss your claim, but the sooner you report the accident, the better. It is also important to document your injuries. Take pictures and note the cause of the accident, as well as the weather and lighting conditions that might have contributed to your fall. This way, your employer will know which items to investigate in the case.