Health, Safety, Environment and Quality – Building Careers

The Health and Safety Industry is a highly specialised one, with individuals required to have strict certifications at various levels. It is also a very versatile industry, acting more as a compliance and regulation facilitator across a wide spectrum of verticals. More and more individuals are dedicating their lives to health, safety and environment related disciplines. There are many jobs related to health and safety across the UK and vacancies open on a daily basis. At the same time, employers across the island are looking for skilled professionals to fulfil their health and safety compliance requirement. Regular job sites can be a maze when one looks for an opening. Hence, it is prudent for both business owners and job seekers to register on dedicated Health and Safety employment and opportunity platforms.


A Common, Dedicated Platform

Portals like are the perfect place for networking in the discipline of Health and Safety. With LinkedIn integration enabled and an easy registration and application process, many job seekers have found an avenue for their qualifications through this platform. Interested candidates only need to register to the site and then submit a relevant CV to become part of the nationwide network of professionals.  Jobs in Health and Safety span many executive and management levels. Junior aspirants can look for jobs as consultants and resourcers while those with higher qualifications and more experience can apply for administrative jobs like head managers and directors. Some of the common descriptions include site safety officers, CDM consultant and health and safety advisor. The NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) certification is an important requirement for most Health and Safety roles. The Health and Safety industry is known for its fair compensation, a requirement for such crucial roles. There is always a requirement for auditors who can evaluate a business’s compliance with the necessary regulations.

Space for Employers

Employers and business owners too can reach out to prospective candidates using the same HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality) platform. A lot of employers are looking for temporary arrangements in their local area, and there is nothing more convenient than a listing of the relevant local contractors. For permanent Health and Safety positions too, business owners and human resources managers can post their requirements. One of the biggest requirements is for fire safety professionals. Both residential and commercial properties require stringent fire safety audits and consultation in case something needs to be fixed. Platforms such as provide this important connect between professionals like fire safety specialists, fire safety assessors and consultants, with the business owners and building representatives who need to adhere to compliance.

HSEQ Networking

Peer networking and events are also a great way to meet and connect with industry leaders and potential employers. Regular workshops and seminars are useful even for those who are not actively looking out for a job, as they can catch up on the latest industry trends and maybe, see bigger opportunities. Peer networking provides a forum where common concerns and solutions can be shared and has proved to be a fertile ground for those looking for career footholds.