What is live scan?

What is live scan background check?

With the introduction of technology, there have been a lot of new things. There have been a lot of new technologies introduced like drones, video cameras and a lot more. These technologies have proved quite useful in every perspective. Live scan is a technology introduced to help out people to get inkless electronic fingerprinting. These fingerprints could be used in any possible way. These fingerprints are scanned and they are electronically transmitted to the DOJ or FBI to ensure that the fingerprints are sent for a complete background check. The background check also involves a complete check of the criminal record.


In early days fingerprinting process was a tedious one. The fingerprinting process used ink to check out the details of the person. Whereas live scan will provide you with the perfect solution to the tedious problem of verifying fingerprints. Live scan background check will relieve the company from all the regular fingerprinting checks. But there are still some companies that run on old methods because the modern technology does not fit in. The fingerprints are scanned and sent to DOJ or FBI in seconds to have a complete background check on the desired person. Digitizing provides flexibility in daily processes. Certifix is a service provider that takes in the fingerprint images and transmits to the intelligence companies to run a background check on the person.

Sending fingerprints through mail is an unsafe task. The reason behind this is that there are a lot of issues regarding the safety of the data. Moreover you will also require to have hard copies of the fingerprints to check them against the information. Here live scan comes in handy because it relieves the company from all these issues. The scanned images will be transferred to Certifix in just blink of an eye providing you all the right information about the related person.

Live scan forms has proved vital for the companies who heavily rely on fingerprinting. This is the reason due to which the companies simply love it. Some of the most common reasons that makes live scan one of the best inkless fingerprinting scanner of the modern world are mentioned below.

  1. Faster

Speed of the live scan is commendable. The fingerprint images will be sent to the servers within seconds.

  1. Superb Quality

You will not require any kind of ink to get the image of the fingerprints. The quality will automatically increase when there will no ink used to get the fingerprint images.

  1. Trusted

It is one of the trusted software of the modern world and it provides companies with the right solution to all the problems of fingerprint scanning.

  1. Readily Available

People love things that are readily available. This is the reason due to which people love it and use it more than others. Live scan is available all across California thus it won’t be difficult for you to find a location for it.

  1. Mobile live Scan

Live scan can come right on to your doorstep because it knows the value of your time. You just need to give us a call and let us know about the location of your services.