The Biggest Factor In Why Modern Businesses Fail

As a consultant who specializes in helping small-midsize businesses facing financial hardships, I know a thing or two about the importance of efficiency.  Although no two businesses are exactly alike, it’s hard to ignore common traits and behaviors shared amongst clients.  The secret to having a 97% success rate occurs during the onboarding process of taking on a new client. The approach used to achieve success is twofold; first it is believing in the customer, and second is being focused on solving problems. Within any business, the livelihood of the employees/owners is dependent on the ability to go beyond pointing out problems. Instead, for every problem there needs to be a solution. Most of the problems within a business can be fixed by using the right CRM for the business. Conversely, having the wrong CRM can send your organization into a tailspin. Beware forcing the wrong technology onto your team, as it can lead to strife, resentment, and resistance to the very goals you are trying to achieve.  As technology evolves faster by the day, so do the capabilities of service providers. Evolved CRM is not just a luxury only available to Silicon Valley’s Elite and its partners. Now any business of any size that seeks efficiency and control can easily attain the benefits CRM software can provide.

CRM software

Software plays a huge role in today’s business market; knowing the right internal operations management software for your business is the key to success.

The hardest obstacle to overcome a financial hardship as a business is fixing the foundation of the relationship with both current and future customers. Based on personal experience, there are several reasons for issues within the foundation of the customer relationships. One of the main reasons is the internal software for operations management being not fully understood by the employees. Lack of proper training will result in wasting more than time and money! Not properly using the software your business has invested in creates inefficiency, frustration, and confusion. Aside from training, the other main issue that companies face is overpaying for software that is not properly tailored to your business and its day to day operations. Using an underpowered CRM will cost you as you try to force it to do something it wasn’t designed to do. When the right CRM software and proper training is implemented, the sky’s the limit. The most important thing to look for when choosing the right software for your business is to find a provider who understands your business model and industry. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” like big companies would lead people to believe.  If your business does any type of manufacturing, provides a billable service, or is a retail brand, you need CRM software.

CRM is not just automated marketing

CRM software, if used correctly, can be the backbone of a successful company and your greatest asset. CRM providers are becoming more innovative by the day and offering more elaborate solutions for businesses of every size. If you are looking for a more personalized CRM provider one of the best options I have found is GreenRope in San Diego, CA. GreenRope’s founder and CEO, Lars Helgeson, is the author of the critically acclaimed “CRM for Dummies”. I highly recommend getting a copy if you are at any stage in your business. Smaller CRM providers offer a personalized solution for small-midsize businesses that go beyond typical marketing campaigns and email management. You can manage your inventory, customer database, payment processing, multi-channel selling, landing pages, manage social media accounts, launch/manage crowdfunding campaigns, project management, supply chain management, shipping, data mining, contact center automation, and other ingenious offerings customized to your specific business.

CRM is not only effective it’s affordable

Imagine no longer wasting money on ineffective employees because you had the ability to hold each person who works for your business accountable for their role. Being able to catch any incompetence within any department of your business before it has the chance to spread through the entire business is priceless and critical. With the right CRM you have a complete overview of your business available to you on demand.  If your business is looking for rapid growth and structure within the entire organization, CRM software is the key to prosperity.

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