The Benefits And Advantages Of In-House Sales Training

Taking on training for your team is a huge decision for your company, but there are some great advantages to booking in-house telesales training you should consider. We’ve highlighted some of these advantages, so you can discern if this is the right path for your business.


  • You will save money – The cost per team member is typically lower than a scheduled course. This is due to the fact the training company only has to send the trainer out to you, rather than set up the course venue themselves. Therefore, a lot of savings can be made by bringing your training in-house. To take full advantage of the saving, your team should have more than 4 people in it before you run in-house training. This is the typical break-even point.
  • There’s no travel costs – You won’t have to pay for your employees to travel, and possible stay over, when they go on a course. Fuel prices are high and training centres are mainly in the centre of the city, where accommodation prices are through the roof. The in-house training option could save you a significant amount of money.
  • The training is more focused – Having in-house training will be a lot more focused on the specific subjects and skills that are relevant to your business. This is particularly beneficial if you have a business in a niche market. Courses tend to be a lot more generic for businesses in the broader sense, and won’t focus on any sector or size in particular.
  • You can use current work examples – In-house training means the course can be tailored to fit the issues your team is having right now, and therefore it will have a better effect. Your employees can relate more to the work they are doing now, rather than generic examples.
  • It’s convenient – Fitting into everyone’s schedules and workload can be very difficult. So by having in-house training, you can work around schedules a lot easier.
  • Team building – Having a room of employees all receiving in-house training will encourage teamwork. The majority of human learning is done through being social, and your team can bounce ideas off each other. It will also lead to increased awareness and understanding of how the team works as a unit, and boost staff morale. A friendly workplace is always a healthy workplace for all.