Tips on How to Monetize YouTube Channels with the New Rules

The new YouTube rules monetize financially only larger channels, excluding the small ones. Check out the requirements:

  • 1 thousand subscribers;
  • 4 thousand hours of content streaming in the last 12 months.

So, for a YouTuber to start making money from your channel, you need to have an average of 11 hours of watched videos per day. To monitor your performance, you must have YouTube Analytics and Detailed Stats. This tool will provide detailed stats for your channel, comparison among channels, charts of most subscribed viewed channels and videos for any country or category etc.

Check out some of most important monetizing tips for your YouTube channel:


Focus on numbers

If you’re starting out now, be aware that the new goal is to make your videos have a good audience so they can reach the milestones of 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watched content in the last 12 months.

Target Audience

First, choose your focus. Set the subject of your channel and who your target audience will be, since it’s critical to know where you’re going, especially when it comes to producing content.

Focus on what’s up

When posting a video, enter a good title, which is highly searched among Internet users. For this you can use various tools such as Google Trends, the YouTube High and Trend Topics Twitter.

Content is everything

Remember to develop an engaging video that captures the viewer’s attention so he will watch until the end and you will not suffer with rejection. Also, good content is much more likely to be shared by your viewer, bringing more visits to your video.

Video Extension

This is a big question from the beginning youtubers. After all, what’s better: A short, concise video or a long, explanatory video? The truth is that your video should have a size in the right measure.