Who Is Nika Stark’s Brother?

Ako Star is Nika Stark’s older brother, born and raised in the small town of Samtredia, Georgia. Where they grew up, they didn’t have many opportunities. It wasn’t until their mother unexpectedly won the Green Card lottery, soon after receiving papers from the United States government, that they packed their bags, sold everything and brought the Stark family over to America.

The Stark brothers were both in middle school at the time of their move and did not speak a word of English. They studied Russian and French in Georgia, but had no clue they would have to learn another language.

The brothers had an interesting childhood, growing up together. They had different passions and ideas of success, growing up, but always pushed each other to the limits to help each other grow.

Within a year of being in the states, the boys dedicated their summers to learning and improving their vocabulary and communication by reading books and interacting with local community groups. Both brothers finished middle school (Ormond Beach Middle School)  with great grades and both completed high school (Seabreeze High School) with academic excellence.