Trump Declares War on Congress and Returns to “Us Vs. Them”

In June 2015, on the day he launched the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised, “I will build a great wall – and no one builds walls like me, believe me – and build them without cost at south border and I’m going to make Mexico pay for it. ” After more than two years, now-President Trump says he is willing to let the US government stop if Congress does not approve his bill, as he said early yesterday morning at a campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Arizona.


As the crowd assembled at a convention center in the city shouted “Build that wall, build that wall!” Trump made sure that “Democratic obstructionists would not want us to do it. But believe me, even if we have to stop the government, let’s build this wall “. And he left the threat: “Democrats in Congress who oppose a wall at the border say: they are calling into question the security of America.” The wall has an estimated cost of 12 to 15 billion dollars.

A day after a calm, controlled, presidential speech on the new US strategy for Afghanistan, Trump returned yesterday to improvisation, ignoring the telepads to address the audience directly. For 77 minutes. The result was the return of the rhetoric of nodes vs. nodes. They are, whom the Republican has accustomed his followers since the campaign.

This time, like many others, the “they” were the media the president accused of having misrepresented what he has claimed to have been his strong condemnation of racial hatred after the deadly clashes during a protest by white supremacist groups such as the alt-right Or the Ku Klux Klan in Charlottesville for a week and a half. “It’s time to expose the corrupt media scams,” he said. And he did not hesitate to accuse the media of being the true responsible for the increase of the divisions in America.

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