Obtaining as much Silver Bullion bars and coins as you can in a lifetime.

When it comes to liquidating your precious metal assets, timing the sale for the highest returns is just as important as buying them during periods of lower prices. Your precious metals plan needs to include their sale as well as their acquisition this article will provide you with some advice on liquidating your silver assets including both scrap and silver bullion and buying it back again.

When liquidation time comes, it is essential that you do as much of the sorting yourself as you can, you want to be able to receive the highest prices possible when you sell silver bullion Brisbane. Depending on what brand and size silver bullion and which type of silver coins you hold, the price can vary a little as local supply and demand factors come into play.

Separating coins and into scrap silver and bullion can be useful, you may be able to fetch higher premiums on some silver coins that aren’t melted down and used for something else by a refiner. Examples of these are round 50 cent silver coins and silver crown coins or 1oz silver bullion coins.

Of course, you can buy a book and check mintage years and mistakes on your silver for numismatic value purposes. However, If you don’t recognize it, you will mostly likely get market melt as value the gold and silver bullion dealer will only purchase your coins for melting purposes.

These silver scrap coins are usually bought 15% under the market value where a bullion style silver coin can fetch as high as 3% under the market price from the gold and silver bullion dealer.

  1. Record the weight of each subcategory you sort out, so you can obtain a rough estimate the value of what you have hold.
  2. If you find numismatic silver coins you will need to first look for end buyers for each category of your silver collection, the best way to achieve this is via online forums or Ebay. Most of the silver bullion you hold would be best sold to the gold and silver bullion dealer.
  3. For the non numismatic silver bullion, check the current market conditions to try time when it’s best to sell to the gold and silver bullion dealer as this metal is sold solely for intrinsic purposes.
  4. Your action plan should include the reinvestment strategy of your new profits. Part of the plan should include selling silver bullion Brisbane, when the market takes a downturn be ready to buy silver bullion and coins again, when either of them falls below their market value and once again becomes undervalued.
  5. Repeat this process and try selling as much numismatic silver coins as possible to end users to be able to buy more silver bullion at the right market timing.
  6. Deal in person with the gold and silver bullion dealer you choose. This way you can obtain important market information and find out current market buying and selling conditions and build up rapport, you never know you might be able to buy some silver bullion at a fire sell.

You may not want to put everything back into precious metals the next time around. Maybe you might want to consider investing in silver mining stocks. Hopefully, you diversified you’re investing up to this-this time as well. We hope you were able to learn a lot on how to buy and sell silver bullion Brisbane.