No More Fear and Anxiety: 3 Secrets to Digital Marketing

Finally! You found it…

Research has proven that many entrepreneurs feel hesitation or fear to take that first step into Digital Marketing. They do know it will help grow their business with niche focused targeting, but they may be unaware of the costs and sacrifices. As the competition grows, it is forcing entrepreneurs to engage in dynamic Digital Marketing.

So what are the fears? Most entrepreneurs feel they’re not educated in Digital Marketing. They don’t know the terminology, the technology or the metrics that drive ROI.

Lets face it, the use of social media for marketing has become a major part of just about everyone’s life, yet small business owners and entrepreneurs haven’t learned how to leverage it correctly to turn LIKES into REVENUE.

Now that I have your attention, let’s explore the three secrets through which the fears of an entrepreneur can be eliminated. These methods can virtually eradicate the strains and concerns of learning Digital Marketing.


Education – the core part of everything. There are many ways to learn how to utilize digital marketing for your own business. Many entrepreneurs will look to accomplish this themselves or have AN employee multi-task to handle their marketing needs. This can be efficient to a degree, but only if they are knowledgable. The amount of time needed shouldn’t distract from the core jobs and focus.

The combination of marketing and education plays a vital role in the positive growth of any business. That means knowing how to navigate through each step. The problem that many entrepreneurs face in attempting to learn Digital Marketing is that most online courses are not put together well. They take many weeks to complete and a lot of money up front to get through the courses. They must travel, invest big money, and spend a full weekend only to be completely overloaded with information. We have found several courses that do a great job delivering information. Our favorite is found through the C2C Digital Academy. C2C Digital Academy is a simple 4-hour live training

event or a 4-hour online webinar training broken down into steps. Upon completion you will have a step-by-step strategic digital marketing plan that is ready for implementation and tailored specifically to your business.


Regardless of how great your ads and your products are, they will never reach their full potential unless there is a strategy in place first. Establishing a focused digital marketing strategy eliminates all confusion, whether you have been in business for years, or are just starting out.

Knowing all of the channels that are available in today’s Digital Marketing environment is extremely powerful. In the last few years the landscape has changed drastically, and continues to change almost daily. Having a business strategy that is clear and concise regarding who you target, where they exist, and what creative approach will be most effective, is crucial to your success. But above all, we want them to take action.

By researching your market and getting the right Digital Marketing strategy in place first, you shut the door on those fears you may be feeling today.


Implementation of the new strategy is the final step of overcoming and transitioning into Digital Marketing. This is where the third secret is revealed. Understanding how your strategy works, knowing what to do at what time, and getting it out to your market are the keys to implementation. You don’t have to start with a huge campaign. It may be as simple as a boosted Facebook post that you spend only $4 a day on that gets that ball rolling. Doing whatever it takes to get your first campaign moving is the third secret.

By nature, entrepreneurs and small business owners know what it takes to step outside the comfort zone and adapt to change. Digital Marketing is just another one of those changes that you must face to remain competitive and relevant in today’s world.

So now you know. The truth of Digital Marketing lies in these three secrets —education, strategy, and implementation. Careful attention to these core stages can propel a business of any size beyond even their best expectations and projections.