Proven Marketing Ideas to Generate New Clients for Construction Companies

You have been very successful at growing your plumbing business using referrals and word of mouth (which is by the way, impressive and very useful), you have the perfect team, and things are going well. But you suddenly realized that referral and word of mouth might not cut it to keep your business afloat or getting it to the next level.

You have tried some online marketing schemes and lead generation services, but you have always been disappointed with the lack of result and progress. Seems familiar?

Despite all your frustrations and uncertainties

With online marketing companies, you should still believe that there will always a way to use the Internet into your advantage to help your business grow. That is why you are reading this article, right? The good news is, there are a lot of opportunities you can take advantage of. But the bad news, there is no magic bullet.

There are no shortcuts that can help you instantly build your brand, drive new business, or dominate your local market. A Contractor Marketing firm which works with different construction companies in all segments of the industry can get us a front-row seat to the construction business and we will be to see what kind of marketing plan will work and what doesn’t.

Proven Marketing Ideas to Generate New Clients for Construction Companies 2

Successful companies have a repeatable, reliable system, and processes that they follow consistently. The crazy thing about this is that a lot of companies with a good marketing plan, do not do anything too stupid, insane or too outside the box.

Most successful companies execute fundamental, proven, and effective business strategies and techniques incredibly well. Here are some critical digital marketing strategies that can set you apart from your competition, grow your plumbing business, and help you take control of your business’ marketing.

Focus on one target market

One way to make sure that you spend your hard-earned money on effective marketing is to market your products and services to everyone. We don’t recommend this kind of marketing scheme. Instead, we encourage business owners to sit down with the team, discuss the analysis, and choose a specific segment of your digital marketing plans to focus on.

If you have an idea on what I am talking about, commit to it and make sure you discuss it with your marketing team. If you focus on one target market when you make a targeted post or content, you can connect more effectively with your target market and tell them about your message and offers.

You need to build a brand that is sustainable, a real business that is built on good relationships, and not on transactions (visit to know why sustainable branding is very important). And from an operational perspective, focusing on your marketing plans can help you, and your company focus on projects and clients with more rewarding, enjoyable, and profitable business. Not a bad idea, right?

Marketing ideas for contractors

It is nearly impossible to be very useful at any digital marketing if you don’t make quality contents. If you are going to invest in digital advertising without using your content, you are always going to attract a lot of low-quality clients who are looking for services and products with the lowest price.

If you ask why it is essential, it’s because you need to give your target market no other option on how to evaluate your products or services. Consumers are always going to decide by the product or services’ price and quality. If they can only measure your company based on the price, it will be their default mode when it comes to decision-making.

It is a shortcut when making a good decision. And your prospected clients want to feel as if they are making good and smart choices.

Proven Marketing Ideas to Generate New Clients for Construction Companies 3

Construction companies and content marketing

Engaging, quality contents can include:

Images – Before and after images are beneficial. Also, do your company a favor by hiring a professional photographer and photo editor. In today’s digital age, where social media and networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are dominating the Internet, not having a good image to display in your contents can be a deal breaker for your future clients. When it comes to “photo marketing, Instagram is one of the most utilized social media platforms today. Click here to understand how Instagram can be a very powerful digital marketing tool that your business can take advantage.

Helpful and educational contents – Quality contents can help educate your target market and assist them with their decision-making process. Ebooks and blog contents are one of the best ways to share the type of educational materials and demonstrate your services at the same time. If images can help your business, videos are even better.