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Brett Fogle had started his first business at the age of 7 and had a very successful career as a businessman. He has continued to grow his business and sell various businesses from retail to online. Since the year 1999, he has been marketing online. He has sold his three companies in the year 2004. These three companies include a three time Inc 500I5000 company. Brett Fogle has started this from the proverbial ‘kitchen table’. It has become the 276th fastest growing company which has held privately in the US within 3 years.


Brett Fogle has been a very successful real estate investor. He is also a successful investor in the financial markets and an angel investor. He guides the people on how to increase their income. Brett Fogle also speaks internationally on how to make money on the internet. He provides the best guideline about the online business. He is a co-founder of Grow Rich / Shark Style Business Seminars and Click. He also teaches the students of South Africa on how to flourish their online business and how to make money.

He is a very talented and successful investor. He is also a co-founder of Cydec Software and also a CEO. Cydec Software is an email marketing and ecommerce company which provide the business owners who work online the complete guideline about online success with cutting edge powerful yet simple software tools. His guidance has helped people a lot and they are able to make a good piece of money through online business.