Importance of Marketing in Business Management

It’s no use having a good product, but not having an audience that consumes it. It is the old theory of supply and demand already known even by the most inexperienced entrepreneurs. But not only that, since it is also allied to the purpose of what is superior to the product itself, that is, the brand that it carries. All of this involves the company’s image for consumers, the variety of products, among other issues.

Let’s think about the brands of sneakers. It is known that there are several, but market leaders boil down to two or three. Take for example two of them, named in an imaginary way as A and B. Well, the products of both are recognized before the public for the quality and tradition in the sector they operate.

Speaking specifically of the tennis models offered by both, there are small differences in design, but, the purposes are the same: one that offers more comfort, one that is more casual and so on. So, what should be done for the “A” brand to overcome the “B” and win more and more customers? No doubt, invest in marketing.


Marketing strategies work throughout the business management process, and are much more than techniques to sell the product already made. One must think of marketing before even creating the good or service to be sold, questioning whether it is really necessary to the market where the company is installed. One of the diagnostic tools in this sense is SWOT analysis .

The first two factors are internal to the organization, the latter are external. After conducting the survey on each of the factors, corporate marketing services offered by IFA Marketing can help act exactly in the points that need improvement, acting in a more defensive or confrontational way with competitors.