Tips for Writing Better at Work

Writing in a correct, clear and objective manner has become a new concern for the professional who wants to stand out in the market. Emails have become one of the main communication tools at work. In addition to them, business texts such as reports, minutes and contracts did not cease to exist.


Below, check out three writing tips from the consultant to make better use of the language for business:

  1. Look at your text again and put yourself in the place of whoever reads it – Revise the text to see if the message is clear and will be fully understood by your interlocutor. Take a test. Write an important email, but leave to send it only the next day. In re-reading, you may notice that the text is confusing or that some information is missing. This is because, when we write, the ideas are very clear in our mind. When we invert the role of sender to receiver, we often realize that the message is confusing or incomplete.

  2. Do not let doubts pass – It is common for people to report that when they encounter a doubt, they change the phrase to avoid certain construction. At that time, a great learning opportunity was missed. When we question the writing of a word, the use of a particular expression, or the construction of a sentence, this is the best time to consult materials that we have at hand, clear our doubts and make sure we are writing correctly.

  3. Do not be afraid to make mistakes – Risk new ways of writing your texts, play with words, make new constructions … Consider the error as a springboard for the correctness. By writing creatively and innovatively, you create your own writing style and make a difference in the corporate universe.