What is Programming?

Programming is a language, which is a set of instructions and information that produce a different kind of output. Programming is a computer language used to implement algorithms by encoding so that it can be executed by a computer say Rami Beracha. There are many programming languages but the important step for programming is to find the solution. For the solution there would be no algorithm. Programming is a way of creating a solution to our problems. It is a necessary part of solutions as it is a process of creation. Data in the computer is represented as a series or string of binary digits. If we want to give meaning to strings, for this purpose we need data types. Data types give the explanation of the binary data, so that we can classify the data and solve the given problem. These low-level data types are building blocks of algorithms development. For example, most programming languages use Int data type. A string data type can be used as integers. Moreover, a data type also provides information that which data can be used for a respected data type. With Int data type mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication can be done.


The thing to do while learning to program from Rami Beracha’s eyes:

If you have free time and not doing any job, then this is the platform where you can take start to build to your career in programming. But before sitting in front of the screen of the computer, you should know the things mentioned below:

Start your programming from basics to hard. Once you are clear with the basics of programming language, you can easily design code later.

Many different languages are available in the market like C++, C# JAVA and many more. So, it is highly recommended to choose one language instead of selecting different languages. For example, HTML is considered as easy programming languages for new users.

In the beginning, it is recommended to write a code in notepad instead of writing in a compiler. After that, it would be easy to move to the work environment.

It is important to understand every command. If you are unable to understand the previous command, then don’t learn other commands.  

DO not copy and paste the codes. Try to make by yourself.

If there are errors in the code, try to find the bug by yourself instead of getting the help of a programmer.

The best and most recommended way to become a good programmer is to do a lot of practice of code.

In the end, while entering in the field of programming the most important thing is patience, high patience is required because sometimes you have to sit for few hours and sometimes days are required to get the desired results.

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