is the Game Changer: Businesses will Fly High with this Decentralized Lead Generation Platform

A team of skilled and experienced individuals, the decentralized initiative has introduced a modernized, technologically advanced lead generation process.

Ensuring Safety and Security. is the first-ever decentralized Lead generation platform developed on blockchain Technology that gives users full control over their leads. The blockchain technology provides an extra layer of security and complete data ownership. Their 4-step funnel creation process helps companies to grow and scale up by creating profitable sales funnels. With, growth is inevitable!

Decentralized Lead Generation Platform


Decentralization is the future, and it offers more privacy and data security. Leads are like fuel to the business, and they play a critical role in the sales industry, and the only way to secure this data is through blockchain. Blockchain technology ensures data security and gives complete ownership of data to businesses. The decentralized initiative has introduced a modernized, technologically advanced lead generation process. This first of its kind project is an amalgamation of skills and artificial intelligence deriving the best possible solution to the sales professionals.

Why ?

They have 13 years of core expertise in the lead generation industry, and by introducing

Funel they have solved three critical problems in this industry:

  1. :- Data Security:- Using blockchain as a core database, they have ensured every leads is
  2. :- Data ownership:- By implementing decentralized technology they have ensured every lead that goes into sales funel is securely encrypted, giving complete data ownership to its clients. Data is securely exchanged and cannot be tampered or downloaded by anyone except the client who will have full control over his
  3. :-Easy to use leads manager:- Funel tool is easy to use and focuses more on keeping everything as simple as So anyone without any programming knowledge can use funel and get qualified leads.

They belive simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Funel understand the importance of lead. They have solid lead generation teams; each individual is qualified and has years of experience that provide a seamless experience to its users.

Lead generation can be time-consuming and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be with They are here to expedite the process. assists B2B companies in developing sales strategies that will help them to reach out their potential audience.’s lead generation and sales teams work together to create profitable sales funnels. Bridging the gap between companies and prospects is the motto of doesn’t resell one customer’s data to any other. Their no reselling policy has been a stand-out factor in their service, resulting in their early success. Today is one the most reliable names in the global market. Watch step by step process to use funel application here: Funel Video Tutorials

Decentralized Lead Generation Platform Exclusive Features

At, everything is progressive, modern and in the process of constant change adhering to the technological innovations occurring every other minute. Traditional, Conventional and Labor Intensive are the words unheard at They use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to connect with their lead generation system to ensure every lead is validated adequately before making its way into the customer’s sales funnel. Their three-level verification process includes phone verification and email verification which every lead goes through for identification and qualification. is reliable working according to the on-demand customizable data, ditching old methods of recycling previous data for different clients.

Additionally, their digital identity systems ensure complete control over the leads!

Better Results with Funel

Businesses that wish to build a robust and efficient network of B2B sales leads must have the expertise to execute best practices to achieve their objectives. identifies a target audience for businesses and then analyzes the existing customers’ behavioural patterns by the audience. This procedure guarantees that companies only devote their time and resources to communicating with people who have a specific need for the product or service. Their effective appointment setting service has been an enormous success and proven to be the most successful methodology for increasing sales potential. Different approaches to attract the attention of decision- makers are included in their comprehensive appointment setup solutions.

Web systems, social media platforms, email, and the phone are all used to schedule appointments. is way ahead of any other Lead Generation service.

The team behind consists of young motivated technophiles. Their team is skilled and experienced in creating ideal sales funnels as per their customer’s needs. They shared: “We are a dedicated team of professionals working together to produce high-quality results for our clients. We’re committed to our jobs, and we all share the same vision. Collaboration enhances the way our team works and solves problems. As a result, there is better innovation, more success rate, and better communication. We always help each other by listening to and working together. Leads are the seeds of businesses, and we are extremely proud to be gardeners. We guarantee our customers an experience like never before.”

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Contact number: + 442032866623

About Funel:- Now you can accelerate your sales with decentralised sales funnels, The Powerful lead generation tools that function as a bridge between your business and customers. Where you get complete access to create, manage, & track all of your lead generation activities on a single, powerful, blockchain-based platform.

Boost your conversions:- Are you using outdated lead generation techniques that no longer work? Say goodbye to sharing databases with 10 other companies, and say hello to growing your business with our innovative lead generation process!

Data & Ownership:- Funel offers a secure platform to manage leads and provides complete ownership of them. We don’t sell the same data to any other client, and every lead is stored in a secure encrypted format. This will ensure that you receive a hyper- personalised experience tailored to your needs.

Value for Money: Our service won’t disappoint your wallet! We provide the tools you need to create perfect sales funnels at less than the cost of a full-time employee.