All You Need to Know About 2017 BMW X2 & 2017 BMW Alpina B7

So, you’ve decided to invest in BMW’s next generation vehicle but are confused with the different models. Here, we are up with a comparison between 2017 BMW X2 and 2017 BMW Alpina B7 in order to help decide your next dream car. Let’s have a peek at the specs and features of these cars.

BMW X2 (2017) Redesign

According to the reports floating around the auto industry, the new 2017 BMW X2 is expected to pack a whole new sports look. The above picture would definitely give you an idea of its design, which is more sporty and elegant.

The German auto maker might unveil its all new concept in 2016, with the public release is expected to be happened anytime in 2017. It’s better that you should wait until the auto maker officially release its next generation car.


The new car will be four wheel drive and will feature a TurboCharged Four-cyl Engine with 2.0 L working volume. This power house will deliver around 230 horsepower with 340 N*m torque.

According to some inside reports, the new model will combine a set of Active Safety systems including DSC & ABS Dynamic Stability Control, Braking System in the Cornering CBC Control and more. Other important equipment includes – Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Electronic Differential lock & system EDLC Drying, and compensate for low efficiency of Brakes.

2017 BMW Alpina B7

Being one of BMW’s latest model, the 2017 BMW Alpina B7 is also one of the best cars coming in 2017. Featuring more powerful engine, the B7 combines a 4.4L TwinTurbo V8 engine that can deliver an impressive torque of 590 pound feet, making it a good choice from all aspects.


Since there’s a no specific date from the manufacturer, we can expect it to be coming in the month of September this year. Pricing is also unknown at the moment but we know it would be pretty high.

Please take this post as a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed so far by the German automaker. All of the aforementioned information may and may not come true. So, it’s better that you should wait until the company unveils its next generation car officially.

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