How To Be A Savvy Digital Consumer

There are some tips to follow to be a smart consumer:

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1) Compare to get the best deals at the best price

Using objective comparison tools, will allow you to search different products or services at the best price. In addition, you can consult information developed by experts and interact with a large community of users to help you choose the best deals and understand the fine print.

2) The price of products should always include taxes and fees

All the products and services that are offered in an establishment must show their price, with taxes included. Both the label of a garment and the dishes that appear on the menu of a restaurant or the mobile rates announced by an operator on the web must show the final amount (VAT included).

3) Businesses must inform about the available payment methods

The establishments are free to choose the means of payment that they will accept, but the regulations oblige them to clearly inform – inside or outside – if, for example, they only accept cash, or if they allow payment via card or checks. In card payments, you can only limit the amount from which plastic money can be used if the customer is properly informed through visible signs.

4) Save your payment vouchers

The voucher is the best guarantee that the consumer has, if you need to make a change or complain. It must include the name of the establishment, the date and the amount of the product or service purchased. It is important to require it when paying for a purchase and to check that it includes information about the exchange policy and / or returns of the establishment.

5) Search for best deals with promo codes

Want to shop online? First thing to search from store website is online deals and promo codes.