5 Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration Notary Services

Notary public is an important official who verifies documents with no public records. A notary public verifies the identity of the signer and makes sure that the signer is signing the documents knowingly, willingly, and without any pressure.


What is an immigration notary service?

An immigration notary verifies immigration related documents. Please note that a public notary cannot prepare of file another person’s immigration paper. To assist in preparing immigration documents, a notary public needs to be an attorney or US Department of Justice accredited representative.

What is mobile notary?

A mobile notary travels to your place and signs the documents. This is very useful for people, who for any reason, do not find it convenient to visit a notary public office. A mobile notary will verify your identity at your place and verify your signatures and documents.

How does a notary verify the identity of the signer?

To verify the identity of a signer, a notary public will require any of your photo ID with signature. Some common examples are driver’s license and a passport. When you call a mobile notary, remember to ask all the required documents in order to have smooth procedure.

How a notary public helps in immigration documents?

A notary public can verify your immigration related documents. Please note that not every notary public has the permission to assist you in preparing your immigration documents. However, some immigration notary services have attorneys with US Department of Justice accreditation affiliated with them. These companies can assist you in immigration document preparing and notary public services.

What are the things to keep in mind before setting up an appointment with a notary public?

When you call a notary public to set an appointment, ask them to explain all the requirements. Tell them if any of the documents require witnesses, the nature of the documents. The notary public will explain the requirements. Arrange all the requirements before you visit or ask a mobile notary to visit you.

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