Why On Page SEO Is So Important

SEO is all about the rankings. It’s all about making sure that your site and content not only gets in front of the people looking for it, but that they are also likely to be clicked on and visited. This is why rankings are so important: the higher the ranking, the more likely it is that something will get clicked on and visited. The factors that determine this ranking however, are not constant. They change all the time because the way people “receive” or surf the internet is constantly evolving. As people more “computer and internet literate”, they start to understand how things work and they start being interested in search results that will completely and efficiently answer their search queries.

In today’s SEO world, on page optimization is as important as ever. But why is that? Is it the most important ranking factor? The one that will singe-handedly take your site to the first page of results or even within the top five results? The answer to those questions is “no”. What makes on page so important, is the fact that it “helps” search engines and their crawlers to better understand what your site or our page is all about. This in turn allows them to “present” your page to people looking for pretty much exactly what your page is all about. Even if there are other sites ranking above yours, if its short description, provided by the search engine, is better and more concise than that of your competitors, it is quite likely that the person who did the search will choose yours over the others.For these tasks you have to trust promotion SEO companies like Dominator in Athens Greece.They know how search engines work and how to optimized sites for high rankings

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking right now: “doesn’t everyone just click on the highest ranking pages? Why is it so important to focus on more diligent users who will site descriptions and excerpts and whatnot?”. The answer to that question, is very simple: because those people are more likely to convert. Remember, traffic without conversions is nothing. People who know exactly what they are looking for, will be more diligent and not only that, but they are obviously set on buying what they are looking for. Now, while it is always good to get the attention of the general public, getting the attention of people actively looking for the product or service you are marketing is much more efficient and lucrative.


The basics of on page SEO.

So, how is on page SEO done? How can you “tell” crawlers what your page is all about? The answer is very simple: mainly through the use of tags, descriptions and high quality content.

Tags: To put it simply, everything on your page should be tagged with your keyword or with a phrase containing your main or even a secondary keyword. As soon as you see a “tag” field in your CMS platform of choice, make sure to fill it and make sure to include your main keyword. Those tags will allow search engine web crawlers to correctly index your page, thus making the search engines able to put them in front of the right audience. Don’t forget to also add metatags to your pictures as that will allow the crawlers to “see” what they are about, thus increasing making your site even more relevant to searches about your keywords.

Descriptions: Descriptions are what will make your site stand out from the crowd in the SERPs. The short text generated by the search engine’s algorithm may not present what your page is about accurately and this may make you lose traffic. It’s better to have full control over descriptions and meta-descriptions and make sure that they contain your main keywords, because this way not only will you know what someone sees when your page pops up in the SERPs, you will also make your page more relevant to that search, since you will have included your keyword in the descriptions as well as in the tags.

High quality content: No SEO strategy is complete without high quality content. Your SEO strategy and techniques will bring traffic to your page, but the content is what will keep those visitors there and what will make the convert into customers. Don’t sideline content creation when making a site or a page. Your content should always be as unique, original and useful as possible. This will allow you to gain the trust of your visitors, which will greatly increase the chances of them being converted.