SEO Benefits of Video Marketing

video marketing

There are lots of advantages, video marketing has brought for businesses. We are part of digital world and there is a lot of around us like social media, videos, mobile websites and much more. Businesses are getting most out of excellent method of marketing of products via videos. Online video marketing is being considered the most influential way of promoting products and services around the globe.

Highlighted Benefits:

This technique is aimed to increase conversions. When you will follow this technique, it will increase your conversion rate as much as 25% higher than a promotional item without a video. If you will start using video marketing for your online platform, its increasing conversion rate would be enough reason to continue following this method.

Higher Rankings

When it comes to online businesses, every firm is looking forward the ways that can help it increasing page rankings. Adding videos to your marketing campaigns will really benefit you a lot. According to research, web pages featured videos are 50% more likely to appear on first page of Google. It will increase your page ranking and your page will be found faster that will ultimately result in increased business leads to gain new prospects.

Email Advantage

Simply, video marketing has brought another great advantage of urging your readers to open their inbox to read your emails. If you want your e-mails to be opened, adding word “video” in subject line of your email will do wonders. Adding this word into your email subject line is more likely to make your email opened two to three times more.

Hidden treasures of email marketing are just waiting for your hit.

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