Generate Leads In 24 Hours: Grow Your Business Via LinkedIn With Increased Trust

“You cannot grow revenue and earn high profits without first becoming great at lead generation. If you aspire to be in the business fast lane, lead generation is your fuel.” – The Business Owner, “It All Starts With Lead Generation”

You’re smart — just by clicking on this story you’ve shown that you will not fall into the problem that many businesses do. According to sales expert Jeb Blount, they violate what he calls the “30-Day Rule” in his book “Fanatical Prospecting,” as he explains

“The 30-Day Rule states that the prospecting you do in this 30-day period will pay off for the next 90 days. It is a simple, yet powerful universal rule that governs sales and you ignore it at your own peril. When you internalize this rule, it will drive you to never put prospecting aside for another day.”

The point is obvious but is easily lost in the day-to-day running of a business,

You should never stop doing B2B lead generation, prospecting, business development, or whatever you call it — just don’t stop.

I will keep harping on this point — because it will always be tempting to do the basic mess that most business owners and executives do and think the way most think (trust me, I hear it all day). The typical thought process about B2B lead generation is that

  • It’s a short-term tactic to be abandoned once it works.
  • Should ONLY be a company’s focus once wages are compromised.
  • Overworked salespeople obviously have time to hunt their own leads.

Generate Leads In 24 Hours: Grow Your Business Via LinkedIn With Increased Trust

Your best lead generation strategy should happen at regular intervals, weekly, if not daily. Here is one that is straightforward to incorporate with your typical LinkedIn and  LinkedIn Lead Generation activities.

Weekly Video Introductions To Decision Makers

There’s a crazy thing  happening with bagels in New York City.

Since I used to live there, I was intrigued to hear about an über popular street stand selling bagels in the middle of New York City. Not interesting, right — wait for it — the bagel seller lets every person make their own change from a big bucket he keeps at the side of the stand.

Do you know how ‘crazy’ that sounds? A “concrete jungle” packed to the brim with people, over 8 million, among them, the supposed dregs of society, thieves, creeps, and evil-doers — and this bearer bagels just gives them open access to his daily earnings?!

Think of every mail or delivery truck you’ve passed with the sign, “Driver Carries No Cash.”

Think of the “Smile, You’re On Camera” signs adorning (it seems) most semi-public buildings, stores, and parking lots.

Think of the officer carrying the register change in and out of your local Startbucks — that’s not a water pistol strapped to his side.

And this guy just has an open bucket where he trusts people to make their change every day. The kicker: he does exceedingly well financially. By extending trust to his clientele, he can serve more people, make more money, plus save money on the extra equipment and staff it would take to manage the change operation.

Trust makes things move a lot faster.

It is the same in sales, so much so that boutique consulting expert and “Millionaire Consultant”  Alan Weiss calls the ability to increase revenue through the increase of initial trust with prospects, “the Accelerant Curve.”

You’ve had this experience in your own life, if you’ve ever  read a book, visited a restaurant, or enlisted a specific hairstylist for help based on a close friend’s recommendation. That information from a trusted source saved the business a lot of time — and you a lot of research.

We can encourage greater trust with our outreach and B2B lead generation via video (we actually see up to 40% engagement with it)  , perhaps that’s why

People “just browsing“ are 6X more likely to convert into a paying customer when video is used (Motionsource, Video Retention Rates)


72% of businesses are seeing improved conversion rates with video

(Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics)

Reps on video calls are 41 percent more likely to close deals (Gong, “If You’re Selling Without Video You’re Doing It Wrong…”)


Videos are a dynamic medium that allow for more human communication

How To Generate B2B LinkedIn Leads In 24 Hours

I never thought I would be able to generate leads with busy vice presidents of sales traveling internationally just by using this method — but that’s what’s awesome about business — sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised.

To accomplish this result, I

1)   Downloaded the Loom app for Chrome

This plugin allows you to start a recorded screenshare with a live webcam. The BIG reason I use Loom is because they automatically host your video and make the link easy to access once you’ve completed your recording.

I used to do all this via other apps plus YouTube and am elated to have this alternative.

2)   Navigate to the prospect’s LinkedIn profile

Don’t negate this step, this serves 3 important functions

  1. It allows you to track who’s viewed your video (as you’ll get notified that “someone” watched the “Jeremiah Strum | LinkedIn” video — hmm — wonder who that was 🙂
  2. It adds intrigue since prospects can see their face in the background
  3. It adds the prospect’s name to the video link automatically, since that’s the page you’re recording on

An Example:

3) Record a quick pitch in the following winning format

  1. Introduce yourself and how they know you
  2. Quickly explain why you’re reaching out
  3. Reiterate, why it matters to them (or de-risk)
  4. Tell them what you’d like them to do
  5. Closing and sign-off

Sample Video Pitch Template

Note: Enthusiasm is key and sells your connection on taking the next step!

Hey, this is [Your Name].

I’m the CEO of [Company].

You and I just connected on LinkedIn. Thanks for connecting!

I’m reaching out because I notice [ What We Have In Common Or Value Prop-Based Line] and I’d like to see if you’d be interested in [Doing What You’d Like Them To Do].

[Quickly Explain Why This Matters To Them]

If that sounds good to you, you can click the button in the top right hand corner.

I look forward to talking with you soon. Bye.


“It starts with lead generation.” The Business Owner, Sept.-Oct. 2010, p. 3.

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