Using Executive Search Companies to Find Senior Staff

The business executive is a central part of the business area of a company. It builds relationships with potential customers, strengthens customer loyalty, identifies opportunities in the marketplace (and even new markets), generates leads, understands and monitors the marketplace

That is, it is an essential professional for the development of the business, expansion of the market, to detect existing problems that are hindering the growth of the company and for closing of businesses.

The business executive is responsible, in short, for analyzing and monitoring the market, mapping opportunities, meeting with clients, presenting solutions and, especially, negotiating and closing deals.

But it is not only that. The professional also performs prospecting (analyzing and approaching prospects), supports the sales team, generates leads, understands the client’s goals and how the product / service offered by the company can help him or her, holds internal and external meetings, generates market information for analysis, presents the company to the market, creates commercial proposals, performs follow-up and after-sales service.

Finally, they are also responsible for managing, executing and updating CRM tools, visiting fairs and clients in the industry, holding meetings, etc.

Executive job market

According to a survey, an executive search company specializing in talent and recruitment, professionals who contribute to the business strategy of companies, especially for the development of new business, will be on the rise as of this year.

The most requested requirements for business executives are undoubtedly proven experience in the commercial area, active customer portfolio, and excellent communication.

But the truth is that professionals in the commercial area are hardly in demand, since they are essential for maintaining the company’s position in relation to the market, for discovering expansion opportunities, for winning and strengthening ties with customers and, especially, for the closing deals, which are the source of income of most companies.