Why You Should Never Buy Hosting from Hostwinds

The reason why I am writing this is because I don’t want others to fall victim to Hostwinds Scam. Your website can get hacked easily and on top of that no one is there to listen to your queries. Instead, they rub salt into the wound.  If you’re looking to purchase hosting package from Hostwinds, THINK TWICE. They do nothing but overcharge people through their deceiving gimmicks.

They got my account suspended without any prior notice. I contacted them many times, but in vain. It would be no wrong say that they are people with no heart and brain. I think they are on a mission to loot others. They don’t have a sturdy security plan; your website can easily be hacked anytime.  There’re also some reports that Hostwinds has its own team of hackers that hack its own clients just to earn more.

They don’t value their customers. The more you contact them, the more they get weird and unfriendly.  So, I strongly recommend that you stay away from them. The majority of people who’ve availed their hosting services seem to be unhappy with it. This isn’t a paid review, nor do I have any personal conflict with them. As I already said above, I just want to keep others aware of the devils working at Hostwinds.

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