What is and Why Externalize the Back Office Service in Companies?

The Back Office of a company encompasses the tasks of managing administrative processes, accounting, customer tracking, human resources management etc. In short, it includes the internal issues oriented to manage the company itself.

The term Back Office comes from its opposite “front office”, which is the part of the company that has direct contact with the client. So we can translate it as the “back room”, the least visible part of a company.

These administrative tasks can be performed directly by the company, or outsourced to companies specialized in business process management. The main objectives of outsourcing back office Dubai are improving the efficiency and cost savings of the company.

The most common tasks when outsourcing this type of process are:

– Digitization, management and indexing of electronic documentation:

The transformation and structuring of physical documentation, paper, to the digital environment.

– Data verification:

By controlling the information provided by customers during the purchase process. Thanks to this verification, possible fraud and defaults by the contracting company are prevented. It requires comprehensive communication between back office and the company. The remote IP phones, a latest communication technology, can provide complete communication solutions.

– Processing and documentary custody:

This section consists of protecting and verifying the authenticity of documents, with technical and legal guarantees, and of files. Through the custody of this information by a third party, limited access is guaranteed to the accredited staff, in addition to an optimal and safe conservation.

– Billing treatment:

Something fundamental in any company is the control of billing. This monitoring begins at the time of issuance and ends once the collection is made and the date of the invoice expires.

– Management of accounts receivable:

It is the monitoring and processing of unpaid services. Through the management of this type of accounts, the evolution of unpaid bills is monitored until a favorable resolution for the company is reached.