Handy Man, Handy Cards!

I work as a handy man in the city, so I do not have an office and my clientele is everything. I rely on my existing clients to get me new clients. For example, if I have worked for a man who liked it, he would recommend me to his friends who need some odd jobs to be done in their homes. This is how I expand my clientele.


Since I do not have an office, my contact number is the heart of what I do. People need me, they call me. Thus I need to spread my contact number to expand my clientele. That is why I decided to have business cards printed which I could leave with my existing clients to distribute to their friends. A business card easily fits into your wallet, so if anyone ever needs my services all they have to do is fish out my business card and contact me. It is small, but very effective.

Since a business card is so important, and it is the first impression that you put on your client, therefore I really needed the cards to be perfect. I wanted their size to be perfect, and I wanted good quality designing and paper. But since I am a handy man, I get a little more than minimum wage and thus I couldn’t really spend a huge amount on this. That’s when I heard of 55prints.

55 Prints is a printing service that offers its service online. They also print business cards and you can choose your own style, design and paper quality too! And if you are in a hurry they have many templates too, specialized for particular fields that you can choose from. It was amazing. Their service is so fast that I got my stash the very next day. I would recommend 55prints to everyone who wishes to have a business card printed. I rate it 10/10.